Dunkin' Donut free bonus Birthday Freebie


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Join Dunkin' Rewards to receive 3X POINTS on any Dunkin' Donut purchases made the day before your birthday, the day of your birthday, or the day after your birthday.

As a member, you can earn 10 POINTS PER $1 spent on qualifying purchases in-store or when you order ahead in the app.

When you visit 12 times in a calendar month you'll unlock Boosted Status to earn 12 POINTS PER $1 SPENT for 3 months.

You can SAVE your points and turn them into FREE food and drinks. Rewards start at 150 POINTS ($15 spent)!

Rewards are as follow:
  • 150 POINTS - LI’L TREATS (One espresso shot added to a drink, 3-count MUNCHKINS® Donut Hole Treats or 6-count hash browns)
  • 250 POINTS - DONUTS (One classic donut)
  • 400 POINTS - TEA (A small, medium, or large hot or iced tea)
  • 500 POINTS - COFFEE (A small, medium, or large hot or iced coffee)
  • 600 POINTS - BITES & BAGELS (A Wake-Up Wrap® with or without meat, or a bagel with spread)
  • 700 POINTS - CRAFTED DRINKS (A small, medium or large hot or iced, espresso, Cold Brew, Cold Brew with Cold Foam, or Dunkin' Refresher)
  • 800 POINTS - BREAKFAST SANDWICHES (A breakfast sandwich with your choice of meat, egg, cheese and bread)
  • 900 POINTS - PREMIUM SIPS (Any size frozen drink or Signature Latte — hot or iced)
Plus receive exclusive offers, discounts and surprises fron Dunkin' Donuts.
Find more free birthday freebies! If anything changes, please let us know and we'll update!

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